• Nafplio Palamidi
    Steeped in history
  • Ancient Theatre of Epidavros
    Theatre of Epidavros
    Famed for its size & acoustics
  • Ancient Mycenae
    Ancient Mycenae
    The city that defined a whole era
  • Temple of Zeus Nemea
    Ancient Nemea
    Temple of Nemean Zeus

About the Argolida County

One and a half hours from Athens, over the Corinth Canal, you will find yourself transported to the Argolida, nestling in the thumb of the Peloponnesean peninsula..

"Epidavros Ancient Theatre"

Cities of Argolida

In this north eastern position, the Argolis played a central part in the history of Greece and was the most densely populated area during the Mycenean occupation, Myceane, Tyrins, Argos and nearby towns give proof of this belief. In 1874 Heinrich Schliemann began unearthing this forgotten world.

The Argolis gives the feeling of being totally separated, existing in its own self-contained world, protected by mountains, spilling out into vast fertile plains laced with olive, orange and lemon groves, some farmers diversifying and growing apricots, pistachios, tobacco, lettuce, artichokes, vines to name but a few. This fertile valley then stretches out taking you to an array of amazing beaches, hidden coves and magnificent waters Karathona Beach (Nafplion), Vivari bay, Tolo, Kandia, Old Epidaurus.

An abundance of archealogical sites to visit, Nafplio, Myceane with the Palace, Tomb of King Agamemnon and lovely museum.

"Ancient Theatre of Argos"

Ancient Theatre of Argos

Tyrins settled between Nafplion and Mycenea. Epidaurus Theatre, with the Sanctuary of Asklipios (God of Medicine) and museum, set in glorious surroundings and famous for its acoustics and performances of plays during July and August, Lerna, 10 km from Mili, where it is said that the Hydra (10 headed-snake) was slaughtered by Heracles, Kefalari where you will find the remains of the first pyramids built, Ancient Asine at the end of the Tolo sandy beach, the list is endless. Check out our Places to Visit page.

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